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A person with a special liking for semen consumption (especially in large quantities), and at the same time a special liking for submissive vaginal/anal intercourse. Note the following about the cumguzzling fuckslut: 1) he/she is not a fuckwhore; 2) he/she is most likely to be submissive but can also be dominant if fed enough cum; 3) he/she is not a "cumguzzling gutterslut," which may imply a sexual identity centered on practises other than anal/vaginal intercourse.
(Cumguzzling fuckslut): "I am a cumguzzling fuckslut."

(Mom): "I thought you were just "gay," not a... what did you call yourself?!?!"

cum semen cumslut cumguzzler fuckslut slut
by Mary25099525 October 23, 2010

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