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The finished product achieved after ejaculating into a girl's conditioner as a form of revenge or hatred. A warm and fuzzy feeling is then accomplished knowing she will be wearing your semen in her hair for several weeks.
see also sploofah, shamspooge, and Summer's Skeet
Amy wouldn't put out so I went into her bathroom and made her a fresh batch of cumditioner
by Frukman March 13, 2008
Cum that shoots when a girl is really into sucking her guys cock and giving him a hand job at the same time, and he cums so hard it shoots in her hair.
My hair is so soft after getting my British cumditioner treatment.
by uneverknowK July 10, 2011
ejaculating on woman's hair
Sally was sitting on the toilet with diarrhea when, all of the sudden, Jacob created a glory hole in the wall and jizzed all over her hair. After this dose of cumditioner, Sally's hair never felt better. It was just what she had needed all along - a guy cumming on her hair through a hole while she had diarrhea!
by JoSwiSS February 28, 2009
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