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Inferring that someone (male or female) does alot of oral sex. If it is directed to a male, it means that it is calling them gay, a sad attempt to make your self feel better. If aimed at a female, it means whore.

Similar words: semensucker juice chugger
That skank has been with everyone. She's a total cumaholic.
by WeaselJeff February 25, 2004
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A person who loves to swallow cum or semen.
Someone who loves to have someone else cum in their face or other body parts.
A person who is infatuated with cum.
After I give my guy Happy Head, I love to swallow his cum. I'm such a cum-a-holic!
She lets her dude cum all in her face and she enjoys it... What a cum-a-holic!
My cum-a-holic boyfriend likes my vaginal fluids to smother his face when he's giving me Happy Head.
by JasminePRain September 25, 2014

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