The sticky remnants left over by a male and female that had sex in a hot tub.
Dude, you fucked that bitch in my hot tub and left CUM NUGGETS stuck to the drain.
by boxdspam April 16, 2008
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The crusted jizz balls that are rolled up in the hair surrounding the anus after anal boinkage.
Shaniqua wasn't surprised to find cum nuggets in her boyfriend's ass hair, which proved her suspicions that he was indeed a butt pirate.
by Alshanjotweed April 26, 2006
A chicken nugget that has been filled with cum at Mcdonalds by the cleaners.
Boy'My nuggets all goowey and white inside' -cry-
Mum'MMMMM sperm'
Mum'My child has been given a cum nugget!'
by slothcrab February 11, 2008
a genital version of a booger; ie, a piece of dried semen found in, on, or around the penis. also a common insult or putdown comparing one to the aforementioned definition
"that kid chris is a cock smoking cumnugget."
by who is chase nuts August 31, 2005
A complete and utter twat; somebody so full of themself that they want everyone to know how 'brilliant' they are.
Pat: God, am I great! I'm so clever, and a great person to be around! (He isn't)

Dan: He's a right Cum-nugget!
George: Amen.
by FretWizard September 11, 2014
A nugget of cum that comes out of the vagina
Hey, Edward, Ur a cumnugget!

She made a cumnugget!
by C Bakes May 12, 2006
when you uncontrolablely cum your self and some chunks of it block your dick root forcing you to have a curcomsition or els yor dick will explode
omg cumnugget! mabe i can crap it out....
by therandomanator October 31, 2011

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