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Is a female who love to eat and swallow as much cum as she can.
a female who loves to eat cum out of the pussy of another female after a gang bang
Last night after Jens Gang bang she had cum all over her and in her pussy. Sarah made sure to lick up all the cum off her body and pussy. sarah is sych a cum eater
by slutfriend July 30, 2009
A male that consumes the semen of other males, often in the belief that the androgens and hormones will impart greater strength and muscle building. Testosterone and related compounds are absorbed through the mucosal lining of the mouth, as the acids in the stomach probably break down the hormones. Often thought of as homosexuals, increasing numbers of straight males are participating in this activity. Younger males (18-25 years) are the largest segment, followed by males over age 50. While some will suck dick, others ask their sperm donors to jerk off in their mouth, or in a cup.

Some trendy urban bars offer shots of horse semen -- another take on this phenomenon.
Joe was pretty skinny until he became a cum eater thanks to the generosity of his gym buddies. Now he is buff.
by reptiles122 May 31, 2013
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