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Abnormally large, moist flakes of snow.

Eskimoes had 500 terms for snow. Cum clouds was not among them.
"It's not just snowing outside, it's like walking through flying clouds of cum out there! It's all in my hair and shit!"

"Could you imagine if those were real cum clouds??? You'd just be walking and they'd be all flying in your mouth and your eyes!"
by C 2 Shine N C January 13, 2007
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When your so horny, the amount of cum in your balls excedes the boundaries of your scrotum and leaks to your brain ultimately "clouding" your judgement when it comes to all women and having sex with them. Cum clouds result in standards dropping 6 to 7 points for the thickest of clouds.

The only cure is to cum. Once you release the cum from your body. Your mind will be functioning correctly and you will realize you just had sex with the obscenely disgusting women laying next to you and you will ask your self WTF did I just do!
Bro #1: Dude I havent jacked off in days i could totally bang that chick next to you!

Bro #2: Dude that chick your talking about is 3 day old corpse.
Bro #1: So?
Bro #2: Dude we need to you to the nearest whore house you are suffering from the worlds biggest cum cloud... some would call this the perfect storm!
by MK9903 February 16, 2012
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Someone emitting a soft eerie haze of brightness resembling a cloud of sperm.

See also Bleach Ball
"Hey is that an eclipse???"
"No, that's just Katie behind a bush...Stupid cum cloud"
by Adam January 02, 2005
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