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cum whores are those slutty girls at school who suck off boys in the bathroom and come out of the bathroom and just swallowed the boys load of cum, and has it in her hair
omg i just saw sophia come out of the bathroom with jonny with cum on her chin. she is such a cum whore
by talandria February 06, 2008
A girl who gives head to numerous boys without a condom. The male the nuts in her mouth and she swallows.
Courtney's a cumwhore for sucking off that whole clique of dudes
by lil bit March 16, 2005
Any person who genuinely enjoys the taste of cum, and likes to get as much of it as possible.
I am a cum whore, I just love to swallow.
by HappyFaggy October 07, 2009
A person who loves the ejaculation of a lover.
That girl was a dity cum whore, she wanted it all over her face!
by sugarnips September 10, 2007
a girl that loves the taste and texture of sperm in her mouth...mmmm... and so she ends up getting facefucked often in search of that delicious nectar, I mean... man seed.
"I love the taste of cum, I'm such a cumwhore"
by nenita4fun November 08, 2007
Any slut who will jump at the chance to get cock, regardless of the impact on friends, family, lovers or offspring.
resident of household....

"whoa that slut is fucking some dude on my living room floor!"

innocent bystander....

"hahaha what a fucking cum whore"
by oh yeah... im back February 25, 2009
A person wom loved semen in their mouth all the time.
OMFG! .. NO ... CUM..... GONNA .... DIE I am such a greedy little cumwhore!!
by Mr I September 12, 2007
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