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A large amount of semen on someone's face in the beard growth area. The person can be male or female (preferably a hot woman)
Susie proudly displayed her cum beard to the 5 guys that had just cum in and on her mouth.
by kman388 August 04, 2007
The left-over cum residue in the beard of a person who has recently engaged in oral sex
Big Bear: "That's a 10-4 on the 319 and I...what the?"
Falcon: "Is thar a problem Big Bear?"
Big Bear: "Oh it's nuthin. I just din got some semen on my chin. Probably on a count of that sloppy sesh I had last night"
Falcon: "Aaaw Cumbeard! That's nasty! Now why'd ya hafta go and tell me a thang like that!"
by The King of Fappers '94 February 04, 2011
To ejaculate on ones chest while lying down and then apply the sperm to ones face with a paintbrush.
"I was so bored last night I just lay back and gave myself a healthy cum beard"
by Johnofo June 22, 2007
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