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Bulking and cutting at the same time (Gaining muscle while losing fat)
John has gone on a culk and has gained 10 pounds of lean muscle, while losing 15 pounds of fat
#weight lifting #bodybuilding #bulk #cut #culk
by Josh the squasher June 01, 2007
a universal word similar to fuck can be used in many situations.
Hey I just culked your dad.

Go blow a culk negro.

Want to toss my salad culk-boy?
by skott February 07, 2005
Sex act performed by a male with the "object of desire" being vegetable or fruit. Typically initiated by coring (cutting a hole of the appropriate size in) a mellon or large gourd.
His mom sent him to a shrink after she caught him "culking" this sweet, hot off the vine cantaloupe.
by GregT August 21, 2005
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