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A particularly obnoxious form of fútbol/soccer fan that thinks it is somehow acceptable to support both Real Madrid C.F. and Barcelona F.C.

Usually a teenage girl more concerned with the physical attributes of the players than the sport or the clubs involved. Their prominence rose following World Cup 2010.

The concept of Morbo is completely foreign to them.
person 1: Did you hear about Shakira? She's dating Gerard Pique now.

person 2: I hate culedristas.

~ * ~ * ~

Girl 1: omg Casillas should play for barca

Girl 2: ugh ur such a culedrista

~ * ~ * ~

madridista: did you see that pic of bieber with the real madrid jersey?

Cule: guuurl whaaaaa---? Wasn't he wearing a barca jersey last spring?

Both: I really hate culedristas.
by luna_is_luna_is_luna November 14, 2011

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