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a bitch, a whore, a slut that lies to her b/f's about everything; i.e. Stormie
Jake: Dude look, its Stormie.
Aric: I fuckin hate that cuk
Ryan: HA HA.......cuk
by Aric June 15, 2004
mentally insane, deranged, dumb stupid,
Camron and the whole dipset is straight cuks!

lil wayne is cuks
by swetttz November 03, 2009
1)a word that meshes both words: cum and fuck

2)the act of fucking cum
(yeah, fucking cum is possible.. try it.)
1) Chris says: I totally cum fucked that giraffe
Kayla says: You mean you cukked it?!

2) D00D! Maggie just cukked!! Pass it on, she's such a pro cukker!
by Cukking Cukkers that Cuk often August 27, 2008
To have gay sex with a stranger. (A mix of the word fuck and cock.)
hey,i dare you to go cuk that other guy!
by h.t. August 27, 2005
Cuk;noun. The twat of a dyke.
A dyke's twat.
"Dude, look at that dyke's cuk."
by Carl DSGNK April 22, 2006
someone who "swallows the wrong way"
That cuk didn't know what she was doing.
by ghost December 07, 2004

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