(other spellings cougime, cuzhime, cugime)

An Italian male usually less than 30 years old from Bensonhurst, Brooklyn and environs whose typical attire consists of tight jeans and white tanktop tucked in with heavy gold rope chain from which hangs large gold horn. Usually has muscular arms and upper body from frenetic exercise in garage of parents' home. Arms almost always tatooed with either violent images or symbols/expressions of love for Italy. Hair style usually greased back into DA. Vehicle of choice is Cadillac Coupe, Lincoln Town Car or Cadillac or Lincoln SUV. Common names: Rocco, Gino, Carmine, Angelo, Frankie, Mario. Can be violently racist and dangerous in groups, but too cowardly to fight one-on-one.
Look at Carmine in his new Cadi -- he's such a cugime.
by cornuto June 16, 2005

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