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Originally used to jokingly describe the sound of Vancouver, BC punk band cub (sic) and coined by friend Nicolas Bragg. It was meant to be an antithesis to the crotch-rock/clit-rock/riot grrrl/foxcore bands of the early-mid 1990's such as L7, Hole, Bratmobile, The Muffs, et al. Incorrectly used to describe the sound and fashions of other bands.
"Cuddlecor '94" as per the liner notes on their "Come Out, Come Out" album.
by Normers March 10, 2005
A subgenre of indie rock used to describe artists whole songs are exceeding sweet and/or emotional. These groups are often denoted as twee, but more specifically the songs evoke feelings of fuzziness, teddy bears, and warm glasses of milk before bed.
Hey broseph, did you catch Belle & Sebastian last night? I'm glad I brought my childhood blanket, those guys are so effing cuddle core!!!1
by broccoliandcheese January 04, 2008
Punk-influenced twee pop.
Tilly and the Wall's Night of the Living Dead is what comes to mind at the time...
by Joy Anonymous December 16, 2004
A term for softcore gay porn that originated in Portland, OR and spread into Northern California. It usually features young, skinny men from the waist up cuddling, hence the name.
Squee! Classic cuddlecore! - a girl cheering on her gay best friend.
by L. Evans December 09, 2006
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