Top Definition
Main Entry: cuckoler
Pronunciation: kə-kəl-lər
Function: noun

Date: 20th century
: A cuckoler is a guy who fucks with another man's wife. A cuckoler will fuck your wife anytime or anywhere. A cuckoler will fuck a wife in front of her husband, with or without the husband's consent. A cuckoler causes a married man to be a cuckold.
Josh fucked with Cletus' wife Julie. Josh cuckold Cletus and therefore, is a cuckoler.

Come on Davis, leave my wife alone...don't be a cuckoler!

When you leave home to go to work, a cuckoler might go to your home and "work" on your wife.

I am a cuckold and I shot that cuckoler for cuckoling my wife.
by Buster Hymer March 15, 2010
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