1. A fake swear word/insult.
2. Another word for cock.
1. You sick cuckle! I can't believe you did that!
2. Go suck a cuckle you fag!
by ticklemepink April 28, 2006
Top Definition
(v.)The art of stealing one's signifigant other without notifying them.
Dustin plans to cuckle Kayla from Josh's arms.
by Nora Givens March 02, 2007
to have sex with someone's significant other behind their back
that guy totally cuckled joey after he went home last night
by crazzzzykrackaa July 14, 2008
The act of biting someone with your penis.

A penis bite.

Also known as a cock bite.
"Dude! I'm going to to cuckle you in the neck and it is going to leave a mark!"

"I accidentally cuckled her several times in the back and now she has red, half-moon marks. I felt bad."

"I never knew that getting cock bitten was the same as getting cuckled!"
by ptech May 20, 2010
The equivalent of a "gaggle" in the case of men who are not geese.
The cuckle of men formed when the traveling circus cornered the market in apparel and made everybody where clothing that was too bulky before traipsing to the next town.
by Flaque January 10, 2016
A guyanese word for a female who engages in sexual activities for food or electronics.
Jack, do you see that cuckle with her new blackberry?
by ifyouonlyknow July 31, 2015
A male that devotes his time/resources/money into raising and/or supporting a female's child, even though the child belongs to another male.
Males that raise bastard children are cuckles.
by Octaane May 03, 2010
expression of loving laughter shared between soulmates.
I am so in love with him I feel like i've gone insane. Cuckle!
by Muckster August 09, 2011
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