1. (n) a vagina in Colombia and some other Spanish-speaking countries; probably a short form of cucaracha

2. (n) genitalia; supposed to refer to a vagina but in English you can say it for a penis too because we own the universe and can do as we like
My cuca hurts.

Damn, bitch! I got scabs on my cuca now cuz you don't wash that stank-ass bush!
by Shrimphead May 09, 2008
domincan word for pussy
used by old dominican's and some young dominicans
mira muchacho me singe cuca vieja

look man i fucked some old pussy
by macorix July 24, 2006
Cuca is an 9 yr old, Japanese dancer on Youtube, also known as 3u10. She sings and dances to J-Pop songs.
She has another channel, reddaisy3u3 and her younger brother has a channel, bokuyuto.
John: Did you see Cuca's Massara Blue Jeans video?
Paul: Cuca?
John: 3u10
by KLYTIË July 31, 2011
Cuca is short for CUltural CAmeleon
Look at that crazy Belgian. He is wearing loungepants to class. Hee is almost american. What a cuca.
by somerandombelgian February 09, 2008

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