a series of conflicts between Dirk and Brent... evidently they have so much free time they just prank each other all day every day. Events can be witnessed first hand on youtube, either Cubicle War 2006 or Cubicle War 2010
In a cubicle wars, phrases heard or actions witnessed may be similar to as follows:

"it was a CENTAUR"
"reboot me"...or simply stapling another's tie to their desk before slapping them in the face so they clothesline themselves upon waking
#cubicle war #cubicle wars #cubicle war 2006 #barats & bereta #cubicle war 2010
by boardnfool86 February 25, 2010
Top Definition
The act whereby sabotage or decorating occurs in one's cubicle when the owner has stepped out and isn't around to witness who did the deed. A cubicle war will escalate as the first person retaliates and in some cases, activates other soldiers but sabotaging the wrong cubicle in return. Acts of sabotage can be as simple as posting signs on the front of the cubicle - "This Exhibit is now Closed!" - to sending out emails from an unlocked pc inviting people to a free lunch.

Some cubicle wars are tamer - one's space is decorated for a birthday or special occasion.
Cubicle War will be around so long as managers continue to put people into small spaces.
#war #cubicle #sabotage #workspace #decorating
by specops August 27, 2006
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