A term by people who speak JC. Was the first word created, along with Pipsy.

1)A fat person
2)Brian Gullekson
1)Maria, I'm telling you, that boss of yours may be the best looking man in the entire office, but man does he loathe me when I call him a Cubbie!
2)Hey Cubbie!
by Shemeth April 04, 2004
Top Definition
An early manifestation of cougars (see UD definition). Usually applies to very late twenties and early thirties women who are desperate for a mate since all their girlfriends have just gotten married. They often appear like fun party girls, at first, but then reveal their true desperate, land-a-man motives. Be wary.
Damn, you can smell the desperation from that pack of cubbies.
by FREEKATIE July 12, 2005
A guy from 16 to 18 yrs old that are very good looking and it would be illegal to date them but they are good eye candy.

A guy that is at least from 2 to 4 years younger than a girl and are very good looking but would never date them.
That guy was a cubbie.
by Olivia N. April 03, 2010
An Idiot of massive proportions.
There once was a town idiot who thought he was smart. We called him Cubbie.
by Human Conscience April 21, 2007
Noun. An adorable form of boy who is tall and athletic. He is sweet and caring while at the same time retaining his manly persona. A true gift to females of the world.
Person 1: "Omigosh, did u see her boyfriend? He gave her a package of Godiva chocolates!"

Person 2: "Awww, he is such a cubbie!"
by Sabiha Lowad April 30, 2012
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