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A music program , or DAW (digital audio workstation)that allows the sequencing of hardware or software synths and other sound formats.
i use cubase for my dance tracks and i refuse to believe that there are other DAW's that exist.

mate1:-i made this on cubase
mate 2 :- listens
mate 1:-good innit
mate 2:-yeah but i made mine on fl studio and it made me ten grand when it was released , you should send it to some labels
mate1:-FL FUCKIN STUDIO , how dare you make music on FL FUCKIN STUDIO , Your as bad and as evil as josef fritzil , You bastard , get the fuck out my house
mate 2:- walks away from house hearing smashing and crashing from house and repeated cries of fl fuckin studio
by itdosntmatterhowitsmade June 18, 2008