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1. Intellegent, attractive and sweet females that are fiery dancers, speak rapidly and take your breath away!
2. Bluntly, the best people to know!
People:Ya'll are so awesome!
Twinz: What do you expect, we're Cubanitas!
by Irene Ruiz May 06, 2005
108 31
A word like Boriqua,except for cubans.
Ey dawg look at dat fine lil cubanita ove durr.
by DiAnA January 31, 2005
55 28
An exotic woman from the carribean island of Cuba. Speaks rapidly in spanish and english and are always in a cheerful mood. Most likely to consist of a caramel or chocolate skin tone, thick luscious curly hair, and a big old african ass.
Cubana Lust and Janie Diaz are both cubanitas.
by Qbana January 28, 2011
25 7