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Halo 2 ditcher

Usually enjoys vault and twars

A sex act in which you jizz in the girls mouth and when you are done you take the computer guitar hero guitar and bash over the head with it
Fred: "shit yo i just ctanked her last night"
Bob: "that bitch had it comen"

Fred: "bob you are such a ctank"
Bob: "fuck you"
by Fred segott January 25, 2008
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Act of pouring lemon juice all over the body while takeing a dump an screaming, Im a bologna's asshole.
This is a religious event mainly preformed by people who are named Ctank and/or Knownasconnor
Tim: wana go ctank tomorrow?
Bob: Nah, im not a Munkey.
by WaldoJr January 30, 2008

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