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California State University Monterey Bay

University in Seaside, California on the former Fort Ord military base.
-what's there to do at CSUMB?

-Not much, just drink Nyquil

- sounds cool, pour the sizzurp!
by nádraží March 02, 2011
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California State University Monteray Bay
(aka CSU Marijuana and Beer)

A Secret plan by the government to make back money lost on the faild military complex "Fort Ord"

Others believe that it is a plan to see if the former Fort Ord can support life after being subjected to numerous tests by the US military.

The best place to waste a perfectly good mind
What school do you go to? CSUMB

Whats your major? well our school only really offers two majors, marijuana and beer. I havent really decided yet.
by Gnarley Charley April 06, 2006
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California State University Monterey Bay
I go to CSUMB.

WTF? That's a fucking university?
by Anonymous March 03, 2004
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Califronia State University of Marijuana & Beer --

located in Seaside, CA on the former military base, Fort Ord.
CSUMB student: I stole classified documents about Bay of Pigs from an officer's compound.
by carrot-flowers April 18, 2006
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