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to have lied through your teeth to an extent that you actually become a joke to those listening. You maintain a level of seriouness, and insist its true, but those around you think you're a moron.
I was asked by the president to head a task force of ninjas into japan and kill bruce lee's family. Now you've all just been csulled.
by Microdot March 18, 2005
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To be full of one's self. To have one's head(ego) so large that it can not be extracted from one's ass.
Person A: I just fucked Paris Hilton and Hennifer Lopez at the same time. I made them orgasm like 10 times each. And then I drove off in the Ferrari that my billionaire uncle gave me for my birthday.

Person B: Dude, you just csulled. Quit csulling you csulling csull.
by Lateralus March 18, 2005

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