Short for the video game editor: Construction Set

Construction set is used to create mods/plug-ins (user made content for others to play) for Elder scrolls video game series. (
Q: Heh, How can I ever find a good looking players house in Elder Scrolls: Oblivion?

A: Download some mods/plug-ins or open the CS and create your own house.
by Feek165 April 17, 2007
Top Definition
Short for the video game: Counter-Strike
I'm going to go play some cs
by Mister Happyface March 26, 2005
Counter-Strike (CS) is a popular online team-based mod of VALVe's first-person shooter (FPS) Half-Life. The game pits a team of counter-terrorists against a team of terrorists in rounds of competition won by completing an objective or eliminating the opposing team.
Playing CS for a bit, later.
by Mu5!c. November 21, 2005
Counter Strike- Video Game modded from valves half-life 1 in 1998, constantly updated and modded for reales such as Condition Zero and Counter Strike: Source
i gotta go play some CS
by 1337SklLLs May 10, 2006
Creep Score. Used in games such as League of Legends where you need to kill minions, aka creeps.
"Your CS is low, work on killing some minions to get some gold, just play smart"
by Vaporizer December 26, 2011
A pill that contains various types of cough medicinethat will cause you to hallucinate or trip out. There are no effects to your body such as being adicted how ever it does kill brain cells.
Ibuprofen is comonly used to make c's.
by MikeholeT August 03, 2006
1. abbreviation for common sense

2. counterstrike
Dude 1: dude movies are made with at least three hundred thousand frames per second

Dude 2: wow you have nooooooo cs

Jared: giraffes are at least one hundred feet tall

Chris: you have no cs
by batrider January 08, 2012
the same as CS, another abreviation for Counterstrike
wanna go play some C.S.? ya we'll knife the fools
by don't worry December 05, 2002
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