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Apt alternative name for Myspace due to the amount of whiney emo kids frequenting it.
There are so many 'depressed' emo kids on cryspace
by Al-pocalypse March 04, 2006
A term for the well known social networking site used by emos worldwide in order to participate in things like Group crying, masturbating over each others fringes, e-cutting (similar to e-sex, but with self harm), and join the friends list of more famous emos and emo bands, like Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance etc. Cryspace is also use to make the emos feel they actually have friends, which sadly isn't true. Many emos use Cryspace as a replacement for human contact, as no human actually understands them.
"Hey man *sobs*, have you seen *sobs* my new Cryspace account *sobs*?"

"No *sobs* but its probably *sobs* totally like awesome *sobs*"

"it is, ive *sobs* got panic at the disco *sobs* in my top friends *sobs* and they commended *sobs* me"

"whoa, cryspace *sobs*rules"
by E.M.Orman November 30, 2007
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