A momentary surge of emotion leading to heavy crying and sobbing that disappears as quickly as its onset, leaving the person experiencing the crygasm emotionally numb and unfeeling.
The man reflected on the events of his life, all the mistakes he has made, coupled with his recent losses, and overcome, he experiences a sudden crygasm before his resolve returns.
by dreary123 February 06, 2013
Top Definition
An orgasm so powerful it leaves you with tears streaming down your face. Usually happens when two people are in a heightened state of emotional and/or physical connectedness.

A very good thing :-)
<After orgasm>
"Why're you crying?! Did I hurt you?"

"No, no, I... wow... that was amazing, you made me crygasm."
by Wendy645 October 14, 2007
the emotional state of euphoria of something so perfect and mindblowing it both causes you to orgasm and ugly sob at the same time because things will never get better than that very moment
made famous by the tumblr louiscrygasm.
it/he/she was so perfect that I had a crygasm
by mahnem July 20, 2012
A crygasm is when a man's attempt to make his lady cum is so sad that she cries because of his pathetic ass.
Girl! I heard all kinds of nasty noises coming from your room last night!" "Nah nah nah, it was only a crygasm...
by LadyFireWine June 09, 2010
A crygasm occurs with some girls when you fuck/lick/fingerbang them so well that they cry. If you have a large cock, like me, you think you might be hurting them. Either way, they should have said something.
Sarah had a crygasm while I was pounding it out.
by J-Reddish October 14, 2007
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