1)Goddess of all that is sexy

2)To have no rival in the causing of erections.
"Lady_Dreama is such a Crys."

"|}r34m4 makes me quiver, she's so Crys I can't think straight."
by JaMeZ May 18, 2003
1) In the online gaming world, a word used by ignorant raged assholes who disagree with a fact or opinion yet have no intelligent means of disputing or contradicting said fact or opinion.

2) In the online gaming world, a word used by exposed cheaters to shift the focus off their cheating and onto their accuser by means of the same plague of ignorance detailed in definition 1. Due to the excessive level of idiocy infecting internet gaming, this is often a cheaters best defense to insure that they are allowed to stay in the game and continue to cheat.

Normal Person: You can shoot at the floor with the AWP and still get a headshot.

Raged Asshole: cry more nub

Normal Person: I've spectated Player X and confirmed without a doubt that he is 100% wallhacking.

Player X: cry cuz ownt nub

Ignorant Idiot: ya cry more hes not hackin

Normal Person: Did you go spectate to see for yourself Ignorant Idiot?

Ignorant Idiot: i dont have ur just cryin cuz ownt

Normal Person: Oh so you refuse to examine the evidence but you want to me believe you're right?

Player X: cry

Ignorant Idiot: cry

Admin: cry +ban Normal Person
by IHateTards November 25, 2007
To leak out a salty liquid from the small openings on your face in which you see out of. The liquid has a very special name: tears. They come from the small openings in your face and drip all the way down to hell to show the devil that someone has made you feel this way. The he punishes these people by making them have a ver painful sex life.

TIP: Do NOT cry for no reason as you too will have a very unpleasant sex life.
Hope and Gabby cried of laughter because they made caramello frogs and Issy had a cry of extreme sadness because she had to go to a music lesson and couldn't see them do it.
by Sandy Vodka October 30, 2008
Short for the drug Crystal Meth
I just bought a gram of Crys
by Joel Tizzle February 16, 2005
Plays To Much on the Internet, Listins To Much Music. Pwns All. Hates Speaker, and Owns Mari0
Cries Pwn Speaker And Mari0
by Cries March 04, 2005
Taking a piss with your eyes
I've had too much to think tonight, I think I'm going to have a cry
by UrbanoKevin December 07, 2015
what happens to a girl after she gets told of in front of everyone
did you see that girl over there? she owuld cry if you confronted her!
by fuckniggasgetmoney May 03, 2011
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