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besides the awesome justin timberlake song, an expression that means i've been through worse, you're being a drama queen
person: omg my chihuahua is sick
you: cry me a river loser both of my dogs are dead.
by charliee August 29, 2007
to tell a moaning person to shut up and that you dont care.
your cat got ran over and your giro is late, Cry me a river love!
by filth April 23, 2003
Said in response to some ones sob story. Shortened from the full statement of "Cry me a river, build a bridge and GET THE FUCK OVER IT!"

Very old saying predating any Justin Timberflake warbles or other pop culture references. Interestingly still in common use today.
Whinger: My cars broken down and Im poor and I lost my job and my wife left me and when she left, she ran over my dog.

Cold Hard Bastard: Cry me a river buddy, cry me a river.
by stopstealingmyname August 13, 2009
Beside the bad singer's one, there is a classic, popular version of a song with this title published by Arthur Hamilton in 1953 and later performed by numerous other artists. Julie London's version (1955) is the most famous, and was recently featured in "V for Vendetta" soundtrack.
Come on love, I want you to cry,
cry me a river, oh cry, cry me a river.
by Jacoposki May 01, 2007
one of worst songs ever by one of worst singers ever ... i hope i will never hear it again
the 69 eyes's song is better... it goes "bleed me a river" ... yeah...
by iva August 22, 2004
a REALLY REALLY REALLY bad song by justin timberlake. one of the parts has justin singing "cry me a river" over and over again in a really annoying voice.
Radio playing at a store: Cry me a river! Cry me a river!
Me: Oh god oh god oh god not this song again!
*i head to the gun store*
Me: Take this you piece of shit!
*radio is blown to bits by my brand new 30-06 :D*
Me: Yaaay! ^_^
by Robert July 16, 2004
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