A person (commonly male) who appears to be normal until you bring them around girls at which point they become super creepy and completely disregard the Bro's before Hoe's rule (ie cockblocker). Usually can be seen in a leather jacket, smoking a cigarette, sporting sideburns, and occasionally wielding an acoustic guitar which they use to sing slow sad songs with. Crutons completely disregard the fact of whether or not a potential hook-up is in a relationship. Crutons are also known to be late periodically and brag often about the "hot" hook-ups they've had.
Where the hell is Cruton? Wait a second...where is my girlfriend?!
by The Fredonia Fighter! June 28, 2011
Top Definition
A delicious block of flavour that you may put into salads.
I love crutons because they make me feel closer to our savior, Jesus Christ.
by pianosaurus July 16, 2005
1. A small piece of dried bread found in salads.

2. A word to describe a guy with really cool, flippy dark hair that's pretty crazy.
1. FRICK, I just ate a cruton.
2. Look, Arturo's cruton!
by MLIA!!! March 21, 2010
noun. (croo'-tun) Alternate name for Trans-Neptunian objects (TNOs), a planetoid composed of ice and frozen space cement: possibly a corruption of the words "Tons of Crud" combined with assonance on "Pluto". See Pluton definition 2.
Clyde Tombaugh discovered the first of the Crutons at Lowell Observatory in 1930. It was named named Pluto, a planet, though it fell short of being the more massive Planet X he sought.
by MexicoDoug August 16, 2006
noun. A tastey treat for those who are salad tossers also known as brown turds or pieces of crap eaten by said salad tossers.
I tossed his salad and ate his crutons.
by noelle April 22, 2005
Someone whose eyes twitch when you mention the word potato.
Dude. Jackie's a cruton.
by Dude April 08, 2004
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