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a rusty trombone except the "mouthpiece" is exceptionally dirty
she was sure in for a surpise when i hadn't wiped in a few days, and she played the crusty trombone.
by hot karl August 11, 2003
An act of love between two men, where one male ejactulates on the butthole/crack of the other after anal intercourse. The semen is then allowed to dry, after which a standard 'rusty trombone' is performed on the newly dried 'crusty' asshole.
After he reemed my cornhole, he gave me a nice crusty trombone which not only gave me phallic pleasure, but soothed my sore asshole.
by Joe Riggidy January 13, 2009
The act between 2 partners which includes buzzing in the male's rectum like a mouthpiece while jacking him off.
Dude, this saucy ho played the crusty trombone. Ive never felt music like that before!
by NOCrackhead September 01, 2005
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