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Jocular term for a derelict, wineo, street person, or others not known for impeccable hygiene--a bum. These people never remove their trousers, because they are so infested with vermin and microbes that they might wander off by themselves, leaving the bum naked. Few things are more frightning than encountering an empty pair of animated pantaloons in a dark alley. And no, I've not been drinking.
Upright Citizen#1:"Who's that crusty pants waving at us?"
Upright Citizen#2:"That's just Mayson, the town drunk."
Upright Citizen#1:"But this is Los Angles."
Upright Citizen#2:"He always was ambitious."
#hobo #stinky trousers #panhandler #bum #mayson
by Kieran Le Petomaine November 16, 2006
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