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An extreme act of revenge enacted upon an unsuspecting (preferably sleeping) woman who has in some way insulted your mantelligence. This is usually accomplished through the negligence of their womanly duties (telling you they don't want to have sex due to a headache or some other lame excuse). Once they have fallen asleep, you proceed to take care of yourself. Once you are nearing climax, position yourself above their face so that you can douse them with your manjuice. Take care to aim for both eyes. If successful she will continue to sleep for hours with your yogurt slowly hardening into her pores. When she wakes in the morning, she will have problems opening her eyes due to them being crusted shut. Lesson learned...
Tina was too drunk to finish the blowjob, so after she passed out, I crusty eyed her to teach her a lesson.
by Scwill November 14, 2008
7 4
After a female falls asleep after having sex, you proceed to wipe your cum in her eyes. When she wakes up her eyes will be crusty.
After I fucked that bitch, she fell asleep because I wore that ass out. I then smeared my cum in her eyes and when she woke up, she had crusty eyes.
by Rob Is My Name January 11, 2009
3 1