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someone who gets crunk all the time
im a crunkster so i get crunk
by harry December 12, 2004
A crunkster is another tier of typically very white hipster that co-opts and exceedingly young style of dress, comprised of skinny jeans of either skateboard brands or designer makes, allover print hoodies of the same branding, and things from popular hip-hop dress like flat brim ballcaps and shoes such as Nike Dunks (especially SBs, due to wide availibility.)

The crunkster likes to imitate and socialize with anyone dressing to the limits of fashionable poor taste, be they club-going fashionistas dancing to Madonna, Pharrell loving hip-hop brothers, skaters, or pseudopunks.

They will love American Apparel, getting drunk on 40's, crappy "bling", and being walking iconography for a hypocritical pre-pubescent buffoon with hairless genitals. Crunksters are super fashion oriented, though for all genres of style; and thus, they think they are "punk."
You'll know a crunkster when you see it. They are hipster city-kids that grew up in the rich 'burbs.

Black and super-white dress at the same time.
by Threasted December 11, 2006
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