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Obviously a VERY homosexual game as described above, as a massive sausagefest gets busy drinking and fucking each others buttholes.
crunkopoly is played by lonely frat boys who want to explore their sexuality, their homosexuality.
by Young Reezie January 23, 2008
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A variation of Monopoly rules in which the object is for all players to become drunk and naked. Landing on railroads, in jail, or passing go requires a player to take a shot. If a player lands on another's unimproved property, they roll a die and remove an article of clothing if they land a one. The numbers on the dice requiring stripping increase with each house or hotel; one house means a one or a two will cause stripping, two houses means a one, two or three, and so on. If someone lands on free parking, they can either put on an article of clothing or force all other players to remove one. All other rules of Monopoly apply. Everybody wins.
Holy crap, Paul's covering his penis with a one dollar bill!

Whatever! It's Crunkopoly!
by Papa Crunk August 14, 2005
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