Lil' Jon's new album is going to be called this it comes out in the autumn
"Lil' Jon & The Eastside Boyz - Crunk Rock"
by Barlow April 04, 2006
"Rapper" Lil Jon's newest album, released on June 8th 2010. Very dissapointing indeed. Every song but one on the album is performed by someone else, with Lil Jon yelling obscenities in the background, while he takes credit for the whole thing. The one song Lil Jon performs by himself, entitled "Get In And Get Out" is almost as hard to listen to as brokeNCYDE.
Good for destroying the bass in your car, laughing at, and not much else.
Album: Crunk Rock Song: Shots (feat LMFAO) Artist: Lil Jon.

Lil Jon does nothing but contribute his usual corus of YEAHHHH! OHKAAAAAY, and WHAAAAT? to the mix, as well as yelling out a few drink names.

LMFAO does the rest. Lil Jon's name goes on the song and album. Anyone else think something just isn't right?
by Crunk Ain't Dead June 13, 2010

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