To "fuck you ass up" on a rough surface.
damn i was skatin' and i fell and crunked my ass hard.
by M!K3 S^C^H^U^TT^3R June 26, 2003
tight,off tha hinges
by Ateanna May 20, 2003
getting mad and fucking someone up
man robert got crunk when that slob wuz talking shit
by southwest baller August 15, 2003
\Crunk\ (kru^ngk), Crunkle \Crun"kle\ (kru^ng"k'l), v. i. Cf. Icel. kr?nka to croak. To cry like a crane. Obs.
``The crane crunketh.'' --Withals (1608).

Your girlfriend was sure crunkin' when I was waxing it from the back.
by James December 14, 2004
Crazy, to get pumped up, to get fired up, exited.
It DOES NOT mean Drunk, or fucked up.
"Stand up and get CRUNK"--that does not mean stand up and get drunk, or stand up and get fucked.
"Get some CRUNK in your system"--Doesnt mean get some drunk in your system or get fucked up in your system.
by LauraG October 13, 2005

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