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Generic derogatory term for something that is hacked together, badly designed, shabby or otherwise substandard. Often used in the description of software user interfaces.
The new interface for <insert least liked OS here, I'm not starting a war> is crufty, nothing's in the right place, all the icons are too big and everything is slow and clunky
by Ethics Gradient March 05, 2004
Geek-Speak. Something SOOOOOO old and -- crusty -- the S's are f shaped. (Typography c1700)

See also cruffty -- waaaat ya think geeks kn -- like spel?
..... much less any old cruffty 8.x install (gcc 2.9.x, older glibc, kernel, etc.).


Thats some really crufty code you're flashing amigo.
by w5 July 28, 2005