A very fucked up person. A person inclined to do cruddy things.
He's a fucking crudball. He lies to woman to get pussy and dont even give no head.
by DEDI September 25, 2007
Top Definition
A person whose appearance and lifestyle emulates a gutter
This crudball looks & smells like he just escaped from a sewer in pigtown.
by Mytfast May 04, 2005
A "G-rated" curse word.
Crudball! Joe-Cocker-Spaniel crapped on the floor again!
by Saffernellie August 09, 2009
(Verb) When a person produces enough shit to enable him to gather it and craft it into a ball. This 'crud ball' is then flung at others or kept for later use.
- John is being really stubborn, I'm going to Crud Ball him tonight
by ManOfManyWords July 07, 2014
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