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If someone is a crozier, they have a deformity on their forehead which makes fluid buildup in the cranium. If someone is found to have Crozier, then they are to be either put into contamination or to be exterminated at all costs.
Most cases seen with Crozier usually have hiv/aids.
Less effective terms of Crozier usually have an addiction to Bn Bn's and Trumpets.
The physical side to the disease crozier isnt always in the forehead, it can also make the skin go a curry shaded colour, and they are usually gay and retarded.
If a person is seen having sex with Frogs then you will also be able to tell if they have Crozier.
"OMG that guy over there, he has Crozier. Look at his BN BN's and trumpet"
by Peg & Rich February 28, 2008
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