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A horrific notion indeed. Between the horrors of 1960s concrete architecture that means that the skyline looks like nothing but fear and loathing reside the worst thing: the locals.

While not getting confused between their football allegiances (Man Utd, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool, Real Madrid or Barcelona), they make sure that they always holler odd sounding noises akin to "Euuuurgh!!!" assuming that it's an insult - although always just out of earshot, and only when there's about twenty of them to your one. If, of course, they are not this intelligent, they will just take a swing at you - and for the same reason: individuality. Yes, like the Iron Age, thos ethat do not look like they are in for a bit of a kicking - although at least back then, fire was not such a complex connundrum (barring the Marlbro Light they stub out in your face, naturally).

Any new store that opens soon becomes Croydonised - a complete waste of time as the service is anything but a service, and you realise Central London is only 15 minutes by train. Unless, of course, you want to use the landmark of the area - the Ikea on Purley Way.

if there was a new Ring of Hell, it would be Croydon. And I'm not making this up - I live in the fucking place...
Print a copy of the review from, and tick the things off while walking down the High Street...
by OD Smith February 16, 2005
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What a wonderful place. Why?

- It's an easy commute to London by train - Victoria in under 20 min, London Bridge in under 15 min. Plenty of other London stations especially in the City, and in double-quick time. Better than the tube.

- Beautiful houses with gardens are in plentiful supply and are cheaper than anywhere else in London. Fact.

- Westfield thinks it's so fab that they are spending millions upon millions of cash to update the town centre. Westfield know their shizzle.

Most people who do not know the delights of Croydon speak ill of it. This is because they have heard other people slag it off and they think they must repeat what they hear. That's fine. We don't want their kind in Croytopia. Don't tell them how brilliant it is or they'll all want to move there.
by The Nuzzler June 11, 2013
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Croydon has had a bad name.
It's getting better.
The pikeys are moving to Bromley,
Where they belong.
It has bettr shops than most places.
So dont complain.
Where should we go tomorow?
Nah thats shit.
by ThisAdictiveCandy_x May 03, 2006
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20mins to Central London. That isn't too bad, surely? A quick escape is always nearby.

Indeed the town is full of chavs, rudeys, pikeys, BUT, and I stress on the BUT, there are, real, actual, sane, NORMAL people.

Normal people?!?! NO WAY! That can't be! I hear you say. But it is true. Just hard to find. But yes, they do actually exist.

However, the library. As huge as it is. They really do hire the worst people ever. Also it is always full of Asians that think they own the place. ITS A LIBRARY NOT YOUR HOUSE! But what can we do? They seem to treat it as if its their hang out. Oh well.

Brilliant situation in the central croydon library, the security guard tells people to "shut up" when they aren't making noises. Psychotic? No wayy!
by Anonymoussssssssssssssssss January 04, 2007
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The greatest fuckin place ever. Shits on other London Boroughs like Bromley, Sutton and Lewisham.
Croydon kicks serious willy!
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A quaint town located in Bristol Township PA. Currently the recepient of a 14 million dollar stimulis package going to wards the train station, main intersection, curbs landscaping and other emneties that will improve the overal curb appeal of the current "white trash" feel of the 13 / Newportville rd intersection. Croydon residents are often refereed to as "croydenites". In the past it has not been a polite name, rather a derogetory name intended to insult your enemy or friend during heated exchanges. Croydon has two parts "New Croydon" and "Old Croydon" . New is less trashy where old is very trashy. If you are a yuppie, real estate is reasonable, trans to the city is convenient and property investments are sure to be a big win with the gentrification of Croydon station and sourounding areas. I might add it is a very dog friendly town.
Croydon, PA
by Packard Dog August 26, 2009
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croydon is a nice rich town in pennsylvania. it just like all the rich neighborhoods where the kids think they came up in the "hood".
like OMG im from croydon PA niggggaaa
by whatitdooooo November 23, 2007
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