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(n) derogatory term for a child.
"I really hate summer... my town is full of crotchfruits all the time, since they don't have to be in school then."
by Child Hatter May 05, 2003
The meddlesome beings breeders create.
"Madam, could you please find it in yourself to take some measures to keep your crotchfruit out of my yard?"
by Uncle Jefs January 03, 2006
An obscenely obnoxious young child who can't seem to behave in any place, at any time. Typically has clueless progenitors who are too busy getting drunk and socializing to watch their children. The bane of waitstaff and service personnel everywhere.
"That little crotch fruit almost made me drop my tray!"

"Ma'am, please keep your crotch fruit away from the knives in the kitchen section."
by Lillyla October 19, 2008
A pregnant woman's baby.
Angelina has got Brad's crotch fruit growing inside her.
by Divadi January 13, 2006
The uncivilized offspring of permissive or uninvolved parents.
Permissive parents fail to enforce rules and discipline on their children, because they are too busy mollycoddling them. In contrast, uninvolved parents are often indifferent, dismissive, or completely neglectful towards their children, because they are too self-absorbed to notice the child's maladaptive behavior. Hence, this makes the children of permissive or uninvolved parents maddening and babyish little crotchfruits.
by toputitbluntly March 12, 2014

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