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the bulge that is divulged in the crotch area by various objects (i.e. an erect penis, socks, pants, puppets, etc.)
Mackinley was so drawn to Mike's crotchbulge that she pulled down his pants, only to discover a sock puppet inside.
by Schnizzle July 21, 2004
1 Word related to crotchbulge
A large, pertruding bump from a male's genital region. In best cases it will be noticeable from over 25 feets away. Basically, the best thing in the world.
boy 1: dammit man, look at his crotch bulge... I could never compete with that :(
by Erica :] September 03, 2006
1. (noun) A slang term synonymous with crapping one's pants.
My wife got a nasty crotchbulge last week while I was reading in the shitter. I didn't get sex for a week because of that!
by Pea Tear Griffyn August 09, 2004

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