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When a person's pubic hair is longer than their cack.
Duscharm, no metal in the world is strong enough to cut your crotch mullet. But dude its gettin kinda thick and nasty, do something about it
by dusch is a cack February 12, 2003

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A crotchmullet is simply a reference to the miraculous gradual lenghtening of hair of the male or female genetalia, where the common expression "business in front" refers to the frontal region, and "party in the back" refers to the increased length of hair toward the anal region.

"Hey Tonya, can you pass me the clippers and a mirror, I have to trim my crotchmullet so Howard will go down on me."

by Laney&Jason May 27, 2006
When a person’s pubic hair is as long as or longer than half of there pinky finger.
Dude swigart trim your crotch mullet!
by Anonymous February 11, 2003
Business in the front (penis / vagina)

Party at the back (anus)

When your backside is hairier than your penis / vagina
1: Mate, I went down on this chick and she had a full on crotch mullet!

2: Dude. she could have at least shaved her ass! that's rank!
by lollerfishy June 22, 2011