slang for crabs, lice in the pubic area
Justin has crotch crickets.
by AK-85 April 02, 2006
crabs or crotch critters that creep around your crotch. Something that u need to look out for before you get all up on or in someone elses crotch
wow, that bitch wanted me to eat her vertical bacon sandwich and it was infested with crotch crickets
by Tommygunz45k May 03, 2007
Various forms of parasitic STDs such as crabs.
She has slept with so many people, I bet she has crotch crickets.
by i have a fake name December 08, 2010
They are pubic lice.
Man that smut I picked up in Atlantic City gave me a batch of "Crotch Crickets".
by Timothy Keith Metz May 19, 2006
see crotch cricket. a pubic louse, commonly called a crab. Used jokingly by medical personnel.
This guy complained about an itch down there, and when he pulled his pants down, they were jumpin' with crotchcrickets.
by Dr Crotchrot May 06, 2006
an annoying person, one almost considered parasitic.
shut up you god damn crotchcricket
by bigtuna January 27, 2004
A crab louse the size of a Buick;anything moving in or around your groin that ain`t part of you;the name of a punk-rock band.
Damn Cletis, I caught a dose of CROTCH-CRICKETS once that reminded me of a herd of buffalo.
by Prescott Shrub II December 14, 2003
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