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The extra amount of fabric that one accumulates as a result of wearing one's pants not designed to be at your hips on your hips or lower, creating a "bag" in your crotch and, thus, making your crotch look too long.
"Hey, John, look at Sarah! She has a crotch bag and a muffin top!"
by Antiquity June 23, 2008
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Word used to define a Fake or Knock Off Coach Bag.

One may tell if a Coach bag is Crotch by looking at the signature double C logo. Are those C's or G's? Many of them are a mixture of C's and O's, which can be harder to establish.
OMG!! Look at that hideous excuse of a Coach bag!! Thats definitly a complete CROTCH BAG!!!
by Renée R July 09, 2006
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