When you're eating candy while sitting down and drop a piece in your crotch and still eat it anyway, that is crotch candy.
In the car:

Billy: Hey Timmy, you dropped some of that candy in your crotch.

Timmy looks down, sees the candy, and eats it.

Timmy: Man, that was some good crotch candy!

Billy: Hey, make me some!
by chicken milkshake March 22, 2008
Top Definition
a sweet and delicious-looking crotch of a girl; usually referring to cameltoe
timmy: so what do u wanna do?
paulie: shut up i'm entralled by that crotch candy over there.
by Thomas78 October 23, 2006
The description of a woman/girl who is not hot enough to be Arm Candy, but is still fun to sleep with.
I've been hanging out with this killer crotch candy, but she's kind of fugly.
by monkeysbutt December 30, 2008

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