A superb song by the 60's supergroup Cream. Similar to sex, with 6 strings and an amp.
Jim:"I went down to the Crossroads, fell down on my knees..."
Bob: "Hey, that is a good song. Let's be friends."
#eric #clapton #sex #strings #cream
by Hoch Junge October 28, 2006
A nick name for the beer Rolling Rock. Rolling rock is often called R & R, Which also stands for crossroads like in a road/railroad track.
1. If you come over tonight, you better bring those crossroads!

2. I could use a crossroad right about now.
#beer #rolling rock #r & r #the crossroads #crossroads #rock #brew
by Mr. Rolling Rock October 24, 2007
A 4-disc box set released by Eric Clapton which included his unbelievable blues (or slow) version of 'After Midnight'
I bought with Eric Claptons Crossroads box set with drug money
by Matty J December 05, 2004
Christian Fellowship, like a family, here to exemplify the body of Christ.
Crossroads Christian Fellowship, Berkeley
by CFC October 09, 2003
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