The biggest pussy sport on Earth, Cross Country is based solely on the principle of running away faster than anyone else. It is a sport engineered specifically for anyone who can't hit, score, or defend. Called X-Country by some enormous douche bags, participants are classified by their skinny builds and arrogant attitudes. They believe themselves to be the "toughest" athletes, despite the crippling effect a strained muscle, cramp, or bruise has on them.
"Erin bruised his toe, looks like he can't participate in any Cross Country events for six decades."

"Don't mind his cockiness, he's in Cross Country. I'll go back later and use the real athleticism I've learned from hockey and football to kick his ass."
by akjc August 05, 2009
A sport devised in such a manner as to be nothing more than a great and pointless load of self torture and hatred. A sport in which off-road one could get easily lost and eaten by wild animals. A sport in which the person who falls behind is behind and most likely stays behind they never find him cuz he dies. A sport for the severely brain-damaged or the extremely brave. A sport in which the scoring...makes absolutely no sense and most of the time the runners dont even understand it. The highschool sport for the extremely uncordinated and super fit runner types.
Cross country - Running out into the desert...with no water...for miles.

by zaralin March 20, 2011
easiest sport on the planet. running 10 miles daily is a piece of cake. the bad part is that not very many attractive chicks participate in it.
coach: You broke another school record.

athlete: wow. cross country is getting old.
by igotit888 August 11, 2011
Is that act of pretending you are in a sport when really you do what 90% of people looking for a little cardio do when they work out, run a few miles. To be considered a cross country runner, the following must be done: Weigh under 120 lbs (regardless of sex), wear shorts with an inseam of no more than 2", take your shirt off whenever possible to show others your emaciated body stretched over an alien skeleton, hang with only fellow cross country runners (doucheness amplification), make sure that other people are aware of just how much of sport your "sport" is (regardless of that fact that all you do is try to out-exercise a large doucheherd of fellow runners galloping across lawns and wooded areas). See also: jogging and hobby
Bob: Would you rather stick your cock down a rattlesnake's throat or be seen by the girl you like in the vicinity of a cross country team?
Ted: 'grabs rattlesnake'

I tried out for the cross country team, but then I woke up from my nightmare, relieved I wasn't actually a goofy, douchey, athlete wannabe.
by kohawk February 11, 2011
a sport that just involves running, not any real talent or practice just running. or jogging. for long periods at a time. no real teams or rules.... just running
look at that guy jogging, or is he an athlete in cross country... what's the difference?
by jimmy saras February 24, 2010
A sport for kids who are unathletic. They can run fast for a long time (for the most part), and thats about it. In elementary school they were picked last for soccer, football, kickball basketball, etc. because they lack hand eye coordination, and a general mental capacity to anything other than run in a straight line and hop over the occasional rock or two. Humans have evolved to run, they think doing something natural is somehow a sport.
1. I didn't make the cut for any of the sports teams so I do cross country
2. Nah, I didn't wanna take P.E. it's too hard, just join cross country.
by LEAVE ME OR DIE February 11, 2010
It is a sport that is tough but not as tough as a biathlon, triathlon, or any other polyathlon. This is only because biathlons and up include running plus biking, rowing, swimming, or anyother form of strenuous activity.
Cross Country is basically running on courses of different distances which can include various types of terrain.
Derek managed to shit himself and puke everywhere while running a cross country race this summer.

by fatwinks May 11, 2006

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