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Amazing band orignally from Yukon,Oklahoma and has grown into a widely known band in the last few years. Mostly known by people living in the south and southwest.
Cross Canadian Ragweed rocked last night!

CCR has gotten so big recently.

by Bucknut November 18, 2006
46 15

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The best band ever. It's a know fact they have never made a bad song. They are true Badasses. The members are: Cody Canada, Grady Cross, Randy Ragsdale, and Jeremy Plato.
Cross Canadian Ragweed is the shit.

by TrueHonky January 23, 2007
33 11
A band from Canada. All members are Canadian.
Hey, We're from Canada ay? -Cross Canadian Ragweed
by ReallyLegitName May 09, 2011
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