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A skinny bisexual male who lives in Adelphi, Maryland, or the A.... This person also likes to stab things, drive peoples cars, sell drugs and throwbacks, and he also hates Norman. He is also the best wide receiver at St. Albans School.Has also been known to hook up with unnamed women he likes to call the "dome piece".
Im Croozer and I hate norman and dary....
by someone December 15, 2004
9 6
One who does not have many friends but has many "friends." See homosexual or freak
Oh come on, now, noone likes a croozer!
by fwillia January 13, 2005
3 2
likes 11-year-old cousins
I are acting like a croozer right now.
by pinkard January 11, 2005
3 6